KidsportsmtNBACrucial Lakers vs. Warriors Clash: Davis Sidelined, James Returns
KidsportsmtNBACrucial Lakers vs. Warriors Clash: Davis Sidelined, James Returns
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Crucial Lakers vs. Warriors Clash: Davis Sidelined, James Returns

Los Angeles—In a critical match against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers faced a setback as Anthony Davis was sidelined due to experiencing a headache and nausea, as announced by the team approximately an hour and 45 minutes before the game’s start.

However, LeBron James, who had missed the team’s earlier walkthrough due to uncertain health conditions, was declared fit to play, ultimately making his appearance on the court.

Davis had been unable to complete most of the Lakers’ previous game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, a 127-117 loss, after aggravating a left eye injury sustained from an inadvertent strike by the Wolves’ Kyle Anderson during a putback play.

“Lakers coach Darvin Ham expressed the significance of the game, stating, “Just a super big game, obviously. [Davis] showed up to the arena trying to do everything he could to play, but he just couldn’t quite overcome the headache and the nausea.”

Meanwhile, James, who arrived at the arena about an hour and five minutes before tipoff, was seen with his hooded sweatshirt on and sipping hot tea. When questioned about his availability, James responded to ESPN, saying, “I’m about to find out.” Subsequently, he was given the green light to play 45 minutes before tipoff, as confirmed by the team.

James had missed the previous game against the Minnesota Timberwolves due to flu-like symptoms, having initially intended to play but returning home before tipoff due to illness.

As for James’ recovery process since the Wolves’ game, Coach Ham noted, “Just a lot of rest and fluids. A lot of rest and fluids.”

The Lakers currently hold the 9th position in the Western Conference, with a 1½-game advantage over the 10th placed Warriors. Notably, Golden State leads the season series 2-1.”

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